Plurky Bloggers' Challenge: Oldies but Goodies

The lovely Alysha Rennahan posted the first of her series of blogger challenges on her plurk. For this first challenge I am supposed to feature only items over 1 year old.
When I started this, I was kinda scared I wouldn't really find any items (My name is Asthenia and I like to delete stuff from my inventory) but I was suprised at all the things I found!


Hair: Laydee - Fuel [sandy Cleghorn] (Lm not found)
Eyes: Realistic eyes - Miriel [Miriel Enfield] (Store closed)
Lashes: Flutter lashes - Cake [Stumbelina Ophelia]
Skin: Meredith - Tuli [Tuli Asturias]
Dress: Garden party redux top - Icing [Miko Omegamu]
Shoes: Real Toe Cross Belt Pumps - J's
Pose: Lap [Dove Swanson]