Hair fair - Pills and issues

It should come as no suprise to you that Hair Fair has started. Ofcourse I had to get my fashionable butt over there to get some of the newest releases. There are 4 sims for Hair Fair, filled from top to bottom with gorgeous hairs.
An overview of all the participating shows and their location can be found on the official Hair Fair blog. Each store has indicated how much of their proceeds goes to Wigs for Kids, the charity Hair Fair donates to.
Hair fair - Pills and issues (1)
Hair: Issues - Analog dog [Visit at Hair fair]
Skin: Lustre - Curio
Lingerie: Ignition - Fishy strawberry
Corset: Passion of the corset - Snatch
Pose: Drama 08 - Torridwear [Not available anymore]

Hair fair - Pills and issues (2)
Hair: Brigitte - Wasabi pills [Visit at Hair fair]
Skin: Lustre - Curio
Eyes: Basics - Insufferable Dastard
Lashes: Mesh eyelashes - Maitreya
Shirt: Soft satin blouse - Leverocci
Pants: Classic jeans - Zaara
Pose: Model 429 - Everglow