The rush of waiting is burning through my head

Mark your diaries darlings, this is the day i use "doily" on my blog. Oh happy day! Before you faint, take a look at some of the things I picked up from Vintage fair. A big chunk of my haul existed of home decor items. They make the perfect set for a vintage-inspired outfit.
FYI: only a true professional blogger matches her eyeshadow to her picture set ;-)

The rush of waiting is burning through my head1
Hair: Veronica - Wasabi pills [Currently at vintage fair]
Skin: Mia (Disco) - Glam affair [Colabor88 - June]
Eyes: Stella eyes - Glam affair
Lashes: Mesh eyelashes - Maitreya
Dress: Gisele dress - Kunglers [Currently at vintage fair]
Shoes: Alex - G field
Pose: Model 512 - Everglow [Using Tillie's pose stand]
The rush of waiting is burning through my head2
Wall texture: Vintage shores - Insight designs
Floor  texture: Seamless wooden floors - Insight designs
Matriouchka: Matriochka de vacances - NuDoLu [Currently at vintage fair]
Dresser: retro dresser (with doily) - Cleo design [Currently at vintage fair]
Clock: [Sixty] Clock - Sway's [Currently at vintage fair - Freebie]
Lamp: [Sixty] Floor lamp - Sway's [Currently at vintage fair]
Bowl: [Sixty] Bowl with candy - Sway's [Currently at vintage fair]
Pictures: [Sixty] Picture B, C and D - Sway's [Currently at vintage fair]
Magazine: [Sixty] Magazine- Sway's [Currently at vintage fair]
Chair: [Sixty] Her chair - Sway's [Currently at vintage fair]
Carpet: [Sixty] Carpet - Sway's [Currently at vintage fair]