Pose appreciation week - The grand finale!

Today's post concludes pose appreciation week. It was total fun making my own appreciation posts and even more fun to read others.

Pose appreciation week - The grand finale!1
I hope this week opened a couple of blogger's eyes and got some people to put some more credit to the poses. Because yanno, we're all darn happy we don't have to blog standing like a random noob.

Pose appreciation week - The grand finale!2
Special props go to the thingy that makes my creditting a hell of a lot easier: my posestand! Throughout all of my 'blogging career' I have been using Tillie's posestand. It comes with posestands (that you can either rez or wear to pose) and an easy to control HUD. There's also lights and backdrops in the pack, but I have not yet played with them (but I will! Soon!). It costs 600L and you get SLife long updates. If that's not an awesome deal, then I don't know what is. You can get a free demo at Tillie's store.

Pose appreciation week - The grand finale!3
Pose: winter walk - Olive juice [Not available anymore],  adorbs 03 - evolve, justshy4 - fructose, hot mess - Croire, Secrets 09 - D.luxx, against the wall - pulling strings [Using Tillie's pose stand]

Hair: Claim - Elikatira
Skin: Lilith - Glam affair
Eyes:  Stella eyes n4 - Glam affair
Lashes: Mesh eyelashes - Maitreya [Group gift]

Straw: Heehaw - Something in your mouth
Shirt: Jillaroo - E! [Currently at Around the World]
Shorts: Holli - E!
Boots: Western boots - J's

Crate stack - Baffle! [Not available anymore]
Barley stook - Organica