It's been so long on the other side

Inspired by Strawberry Singh, who got inspired by Tymmerie Thorne, there's a meme going around. We're supposed to be sharing 7 random facts about ourself. So get your LOLs and Awws ready! No worries, if you scroll down, there's also some fashionable picture included!

Fact 1:
When I use an emoticon in Plurk, you can be sure I am making the same face in RL.

Fact 2:
I am very socially awkward (insecure) and try to hide it with too much innuendo. Buttsecks, anyone?

Fact 3:
I also feel left out very easily. I have a bit of a Calimero complex going on here ;-) It seems every one has their clique of friends and no one ever ims me ever and wahwahwaaaah. Hence me joining the herd with random memes and challenges, so please, like me?

Fact 4:
As much as I hate others that do it, I leave myself at standing at the landing point alot. I hit teleport and stand up to get a drink or something while the teleporting bar is loading. Usualy I get distracted and do other things, only to come back to people standing on my head.

Fact 5:
I may joke about it, but I do take my blogging seriously. Like a hobby though, I already have a full time job. But blogging is srs bsns y'all!

Fact 6:
The camera is always on me, bitches. ALWAYS.

Fact 7:
I smile when I see a 'good' blogger make a typo or publish a pic with flaws (yes this is totally petty and please don't point out my typos or my bad pics, because I'm already aware of them. It's nice to see we're all just humans though)

It's been so long on the other side
Hair: Something - Elikatira
Skin: Thursday - Essences
Eyes: Stella eyes n4 - Glam Affair
Lashes: Mesh lashes v.01 - Beetlebones
Nails: Fall/Winter 2012 nails - Izzie's
Top: Shabby chic sweetheart - Nylon outfitters [March's Collabor88]
Skirt: Pivoine - Ingenue
necklace: Pomona - Cae
Shoes: Vintage roller skates - The secret store [March's Arcade]
Pose: Derby girl 1 - Bang! [Using Tillie's posestand]


Blogging is totally srs bsns and I thought I was the only vain one that kept the camera on herself all the time LOL! Thanks for participating!