[Pose fair] Paper love

Darlings, it's that time of the year again, it's POSE FAIR TIME.
[Pose fair] Paper love3
Done squealing? Good. Ain't no one got time for so much squealing, when there are poses to be posed.
[Pose fair] Paper love2
Pose: Push back, Throw, Push forward: Paper love - Hopscotch [Using Tillie's posestand] [Currently at Pose fair]
[Pose fair] Paper love
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Hair: Away - Elikatira
Skin: Zara - Glam affair
Eyes: Stella eyes n4 - Glam affair
Lashes: Mesh lashes v.01- Beetlebones
Nails: Round nails - Leverocci
Dress: Juno jersey dress - Snatch
Necklace: Sey - Miel
Tights: Tights - Izzie's
Shoes: Move pumps - Elikatira
Creator info and SLURLs can be found on the Designer list page.