Happy 2014

2013 has been a good year, as per usual.
Early in the year I gave you a fabulous fashion forecast. And looking back now, we can say I wasn't that far off. I hung out alot. I made a new friend and got reaquainted with an old friend.

Bloggingwise there were lots of events, with special mentions to Pose Fair and Shoetopia. I also celebrated post nr 400 and 500 on this blog!

Alot of time I just was high up with my head in the clouds or just lazing about. But most of all, I just had alot of fun blogging! And I hope to continue that into 2014.
A big thank you goes to my homies (you know who you are yo!), designers, event organizers and other bloggers. They all helped me in their way to continously work on my blogging.

Let's fade into the sun
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