Contact me!
I can be found on several social media, but ofcourse a good ol' instand message inworld works just as well. I live in Belgium (Europe) so my time is SLT + 9 hrs. Also, please allow me a couple of days to get back to you, specially on weekdays.

You can find me inworld (my IMs go to email), on plurk, flickr, tumblr, facebook and pinterest.

The history.
For about 5 years now (since 2008), I've been blogging in SL. I started out with freebie fashion on Baking Cupcakes, while having a laugh over at What the fug? Later on, I started up Adorable Lazybums with my friend Laleeta. When that ended, I started my own blog. It took a few restarts, but I'm quite proud of my blog and the evolution I went through with it. Ofcourse the evolution just keeps on going!

The blog.
This blog is one of my SL-hobbies, a fun project where I get to dress up and take pretty pictures. It's also a perfect excuse to shop (some more). The blog focuses on looks of the day. Sometimes I even go outside of my photo studio (aka my comfort zone) and take a pic on location.

The credits.
I do my best to credit everything in my post (locations, poses, furniture pieces, special events, ...). The only thing never credited is my shape (that is my very own creation, and not for sale). Oh and also my backdrop. It's a big white prim, also made by me. Hit me up inworld if you want an autographed version ;-)
If I slip up or forget something, please let me know so I can correct my mistake.

They are gone. To the stores that is. EventSLURLs are included in the blogpost.
With all the events and stores hopping around, keeping a correct SLURL has become a drag. I've got a list of stores with the creator's name here, their profile should lead you to the right place. If for some reason that doesn't work out, I'm more than happy to help you look!

The whatnot.
Curious about what I like? Well, why don't you check out my blog ;-) I only blog what I like or what inspires me and put this in LOTD-type posts. Sometimes I yap away in my blog posts and sometimes the picture does all the talking. It's just how I roll.

Other projects
My little home and garden blog: Background shot
A bigger home and garden inspiration magazine: Inspiration
The SL blogger support group, where bloggers get together to eat cookies.. I mean support each other: [SL] blogger support