Secret SLanta

2012 - 2013 - 2014 - 2015 - 2016 - 2017 - 2018 is happening right now!

So what is Secret SLanta?
Most of all, it's meant to be FUN. You'll get a chance to get someone you might not know that well a nice gift and get one back, from another person who you may or may not know that well! And you get to be all mysterious about it.

So what do I need to participate?
- SL account - You'll need to be somewhat active inworld, as this is about SL gift-giving. You'll also need atleast 300L in your account for your gift.
- email account - Why? Because your 'assignments' will be sent to you through email. All communication will also happen through email and the secret santa organizer webpage.
- a fun attitude
If you lack one of these 3 things, you sadly cannot participate.

A plurk account is optional - SLanta will be keeping you informed through her plurk

How does it work?
1. You sign up by filling in this form . You'll get a confirmation of your entry within 3 days. Signing up ends on 7 December.
2. On 9 December, names will be drawn and all participants will be getting an email containing the name of the person they are supposed to buy a gift for.
3. Now you can start working on your gift! If you need ideas, Use this form to ask Secret Slanta for help. She'll plurk a question for your assignment. She can also drop hints, tease, ... your giftee. Remember: it's all about FUN. Please keep your assignment a SECRET until gift giving starts.
4. Gift giving will start on 23 December and will go on till 27 December. This means you need to be able to be online atleast once between december 23 and december 27. At this point you can reveal yourself to your giftee (but if you want to stay mysterious, you can). Do make sure you mention to your giftee that the gift you're giving is for this Secret SLanta thing (so IM them, NC them, pp them, ...) . [If this timing does not work for you, please contact Secret SLanta]
5. Please confirm that you have sent/received your gift with Secret SLanta by filling in this link, so she can make sure everyone got what they should have!

This is all about FUN.
Please keep your giftee private and please stick to the timing for gift giving. (Don't drop your gift the first day you'll get the name of your giftee). If you, for whatever reason, cannot stick to the timing, please let me know and we'll work something out!
Make sure your giftee got his/her gift! Don't be shy!
Keep in mind that the price minimum is 300L for your gift. You can ofcourse go up, but your gifter may not go up.

Contact info
Follow the plurk account to stay informed. Or contact Asthenia Pinazzo inworld.


LawrenceD said…
Aye, fantastic idea and impressive you've been doing this for five years. Congratulations and I'm all signed up. Looking forward to it.